11. Offers, Enquiries, Quotations, Orders

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11. Offers, Enquiries, Quotations, Orders


1. Introduction
2. Parts of the letter
3. Offers, Enquiries, Quotations, Orders
4. Important phrases

1. Introduction

In business we need communicate with our business partner and we can do it by business letter. Sending a letter is usually the first step to start a making business or partnership. Business letters are usually sent to unknown people and so they are more formal than private letters. Our correspondence makes a very important impression. Good impression makes our original paper and writing. It is important for our image.

Writing a letter in English is much harder than writing one in your own language, careful planning is essential.

We have a few types of letters: Offer= nabídka; Enquiry= poptávka ; Price Quotation= cenová nabídka; Purchasing Order= objednávka





Customer= zákazník; Supplier= dodavatel; Enquiring= poptávka; (Price) Quotation= cenová nabídka; (Purchase) Order= objednávka; Delivery note= dodací list; Invoice= faktura

2. Parts of the letter

A typical business letter has following parts: (viz question 5-commun. in writing)

The letter head - is usually printed and it contains the full name, the full address of the sender, telephone number, number of fax and the number of the bank's account.
There should be a firm logo:
This is very important point of our letter. To the reader it gives much information about us.

The address and the date - address is usually on the left and the date is on the right side. The number of the house in the address comes before the name of the street. Post code in Great Britain follows the name of the state. The whole post code is on the same line - in the USA. When we send our letter to a certain person in the company, we write attention under the address.

The greeting- In Great Britain we can use greeting as Dear Sirs, Dear Madam or Dear Mr. Brown.

The body of the letter - the first line of the body of the letter always starts with a capital letter.

The close of the letter - In Great Britain we can close the letter Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely. In the USA we can close the letter Yours truly or Best wishes.

The signature and enclosures - if we send enclosures we write attention under the letter.

3. Offer, Enquiry, Price Quotation, Purchasing order

Nowadays the trade is rather different. Many operations and many letters are done respective written until the main product is made. When a customer needs something, no matter what kind of goods is it, he first starts to look for a suitable supplier. It is not an easy process, customer must think about the best price and best services. It is also important to have a supplier with some references. It is no good to get supplies needed for production a month later even though they are much cheaper. Good idea is to get some information on the internet or to ask some other companies.

Offer: When we start the business, we need the business partner of course. To make good impression of our product, our firm we can use advertisement. We can attention customer by TV, radio, newspaper or we can send to our business partner the offer about our product.
The offer must contain all of important information, then we write precise description of the goods or services, we must not forget give information about selling terms (price, terms of payment, and terms of delivery…).

Enquiry: When the offer is good for business partner, the partner sends us the enquiry. This letter is short, brief and simple. At the beginning letter is opening phrase giving the reason for making an enquiry (I am writing to you because….- trouble with our supplier,…). Next we exactly describe what we need or if we have concern (týká se) in some service (We require … units and delivery must be completed by,… a full specification of our requirements, ....). The full specification should be on the attached sheet (přiloženém listě). In the next sentence we ask for term of delivery, terms of payment and price of the goods or services (Please quote us your best price and shipping date.). Next we can require for catalogue or samples (vzorky). In the end is closing phrase expressing hope for a favorable (příznivou) reaction (If you would like further information, please get in touch with us. We look forward to receiving an early reply.). Enquiries are not binding (závazná).

Price Quotation: Supplier can send the quotation of product with price, delivery and payment terms. At the beginning letter we should thank for customer's interest and confirm giving help. Then we can describe our product, that it's suitable for the customer. Then confirm the specification of our product - prices, terms of delivery, discounts, terms of payment, shipping date (The goods will be ready for shipment…) and optimistic ending.

Purchasing Orders: The customer sends fax, letter or email to supplier. He or she wants to order the specific goods. The customer knows the prices of the goods, total price, delivery terms and sometimes the item number.

4. Important phrases

If you require some information you can say:

Could you tell me if / when / how much / why…?
I wonder if you could tell me…?
I'd like to know…
I'd like some information about…

When someone gives you some information you can comment or reply (odpovědět):

Oh, I see.
That's interesting
Thanks for letting me know.

If someone asks you for information you can reply:

As far as I know, …
Well, I can tell you that…
I'm afraid I don't know.
I've no idea, I'm afraid.
I don't have that information available just now, can I call you back?
I'm not sure, I'll have to find out. Can I let you know tomorrow?

If you want to give someone some information you can say:

I'd like you to know that…
I think you should know that…
Did you know that…?

If someone hasn't given you enough information you can say:

Could you tell me some more about…?
I'd like some more information about…
I'd also like to know…
When/ How much / Why exactly…?
There's something else I'd like to know…
Can you give me some more details about…? (item, code no., price, delivery terms…)


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