14. Dealing with Complaints

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14. Dealing with Complaints
Welcome to our presentation about Dealing with Complaints.
The most often problems or mistakes for dealing are:
• when the goods is crashed - it could be bring about a handling for example by forklift or when it is transported
• or when you get a wrong quantity of goods
• the price is miscalculated
• or when the delivery term isn't keep
• the goods hasn't requested quality
• or the payment isn't effected (uskutečněna)

In the companies you can find many departments. Two of them are Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The first mentioned is superior to the second. For both departments the quality is on the 1. place. The complains and claims are headed (směřovány) to these departments.
And now we would like to tell you some useful phrases and expressions of complaining, apologizing and acceptation of apology (odezva na omluvu):
If you want to complain to a person you don ´t know well, be careful! It may be best to mention the problem indirectly by saying:
 I ´m sorry to have to say this but…
(Promiňte, že musím říct…)
 I ´m sorry to bother you but …
(Promiňte, že vás obtěžuji…)
 I think you may have forgotten…
(Myslím, že jste možná zapomněli…)
 It may have slipped your mind…
(Možná vám to vyklouzlo z paměti…)
 There may have been a misunderstanding about…

In some situations, but only if you are talking to someone you know really well, it may be necessary to say more directly:
 What are you going to do about…? (Co budete dělat s…?)
 I ´m not at all satisfied with… (Nejsem vůbec spokojen s….)

But only in extreme cases, if you've already tried more polite methods, would you have to threaten someone:
 Look, if you don ´t send your engineer to repair the machine, we will be forced to (nuceni) cancel our next order.

If someone complains to you, it may be wise to apologize - even if it wasn't really your fault. You can say:
 Sorry, my fault!
 I ´m very sorry, I didn't realize.
 There has been a problem in our …. dept.

If you want to accept someone ´s apology, you can say:
 That 's all right!
 It 's perfectly all right. (Naprosto v pořádku.)
 It really doesn't matter. (To opravdu nevadí.)
Mentioned phrases you can use in face-to-face contact or on the phone.

And there are phrases you can use in writing way:
If someone complaints to you in the letter of fax, you can answer:
 We are very sorry about the delay…
 We wish to apologize for… (Rádi bychom se omluvili za…)
 Please accept our apologies for… (Přijměte naše omluvy za…)

The person you are talking to will want to know the reasons of mistakes, he or she assumes that someone in your company is to blame and that they've been:
o inefficient - neschopný
o clumsy - nešikovný
o slow - pomalý
o careless - neopatrný
o impolite - nezdvořilý
o forgetful - zapomětlivý
o or unhelpful - neochotný
If you don't want to accept responsibility or blame another person, you could offer an excuse. It could be for example:
o a clerical error
o a computer error
o or a shortage of staff

So that ´s all. And now we would like to ask you to some questions:
1. Do you know which departments are claims and complaints headed to?
2. Please tell us some excuse if you don't want to accept responsibility another person.
3. Do you know the most often mistakes or problems for dealing? Please tell us 3 examples at least.


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