15. Travelling on Business Trips

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15. Travelling on Business Trips

A business trip or official trip is a journey caused by business, to visit customers, suppliers or a trade fair. So if you travel to foreign country you be able to do some necessary things.
First of all is book accommodation and tickets, if you will take the plane or train. But you can go by your own car if you have the choice.
Book tickets

You can book it by e-mail or by telephone. Try to find out the best time, be ready for delay, don't book the last way of flight. So you have more time to solve problem if they come.
Phrases: I would like to reserve a seat on flight number XXX to XXX.
I would like to change my reservation on flight number XXX on the 16th of this month.
One business class / economy to XXX please.
Can you tell me what time flight number XXX is due to arrive?
Book accommodation

Find out what hotels are available in location of your business trip. Near the place when you have to be on business, with good prices and good ways of traffic.
How to book accommodation:
Introduce yourself, your name and company name. When you are booking accommodation for someone, accommodate it for his or her name.
Find out which rooms are available from XXX to XXX. Explain your requirements: single or more bed room, room fridge, television, connection to internet (because you have with you your notebook), own bathroom or all inclusive menu. When booking a hotel via fax is good at the end of write "confirm by return".
Find out the cost, differences between rooms, what things are in the cost. If you want to do business in hotel ask them for quiet rooms and choose the best for your requirements. You can pay it before by money transfer or on the place by cash, credit card.

How to pack for a business trip

One of the hardest things about preparing for a business trip is figuring out what to pack.
1. The Right Clothing: Many travelers are packaging too much, especially woman package many clothes, but don´t wear all of them. Think about comfort clothes, when you travel by train, bus or plane, think about comfort shoes, pants, shirts etc. It's good to take with you replacement business clothes.

2. Printed Documents: Make sure your itinerary includes contact information for the airline, the hotel you are staying at, and the car rental or pick-up service you're using. Keep a copy of your schedule with the phone numbers and addresses of the people that you are meeting. Print out the directions to your meetings, to insure that you know where you are going, and arrive on time.

3. Chargers: The easiest things to forget before you travel are the chargers for electronics like your laptop or cellular phone. Don't forget them and place them on top of your suitcase the night before you leave. You can recharge your all electronic devices before you leave.

4. Passport - A passport is a document, which certifies the identity and nationality of its holder. Passport include name of holder, date of birth, sex, place of birth and nationality personal documents - like ID, driving licence. Money and tickets.

And this is some tips for you, if you are visiting foreign country:
 Keep valuable documents out of sight.
 Keep your passport, tickets and other important documents with you.
 Use traveler cheques not cash.
 Photocopy the information page of your passport.
 Keep your hotel key with you when you leave the hotel.


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