2. Meeting Visitors

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2. Meeting visitors

1. First impression
2. Meetings
3. Taking part in a meeting

1. First impression

When meeting people, one of the important things is the first impression. We should remember that our body language, gesture and expression may tell more about us than the words that we use.

If you meet or greet your colleague or a friend it is important to look like able especially for him or her. Try to be: helpful, pleasant, open going, patient, cool and friendly. But don't try to be: aggressive, lazy, crazy, boring or arrogant.

We can start the conversations by greetings or introducing ourselves. We can use for example these greetings: Good morning, Good afternoon or if you know the person very well, you can say Hi or Hello but when we don't know the person very well it could sound a little bit angry.

Phrases of Introducing: Let me introduce myself or I'd just like to introduce myself, My name is…

Answers for introducing: It is nice to meet you, How do you do…

2. Meetings:

If you want to be friendly and start a conversation with new colleague or client, you should use these questions:

Did you have a good journey?
Do you need any help or information?
Where are you staying?
Is this your first visit to…?
When did you actually arrive?

In fact this is the "small talk". It is the type of social conversation. We can use small talk when start and end conversation.

If you are a visitor in a foreign company or if you go to start a new job follow these tips:

Arrive above five to ten minutes early.
Wear your smartest clothes.
Be pleasant at everybody you meet.
If you're a smoker, don't smoke in an office you share with someone.

You can ask for these things for example:

What are the working hours?
How are the relationships between boss and employees?
What about my salary and holiday?

As you get to know someone, it's useful to find out what your common interests are. We can talk for example about sport, travel, music, films, business and hobbies. The topic of your conversation depends on the person - if it is a man, woman, older that you or younger that you.

We have to try to make our information brief, relevant, correct and complete. It is important to speak clearly and slowly. We shouldn't interrupt the other person because it is very impolite, rude and unpleasant.

Nowadays the business still spreads. More and more foreign companies make business together. The process of a meeting is also different in each country.

3. Taking part in a meeting

Meetings are in different places. When you are in coffee restaurant you feel better than you are in office with large conference table. In coffee restaurant is the meeting more pleasant and it is not official. In the office peoples are very nervous and should be in fear from speaking.

When starting a meeting you can use those phrases:

Hello thanks for agreeing to see me.
Hello, it's good of you to come and see me.
It's good to see you again.

And than: Shall we get down to business?
There are a few questions I'd like to ask: …

When ending a meeting:

Well, I think that covers everything.
I think that's about all for the time being.
So do we agree that …?

And after you say this you put these proposals and conclusion in writing and send it to others.


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