21. Processes and Operations

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21. Processes and Operations

And now something little difficult "How the photocopier work?"
1. CHARGE - drum is given a static electric charge
2. EXPOSE - image projected onto drum and light destroy electrostatic charge and leaving mirror image.
3. DEVELOP - toner powder brushes against drum, only sticks to parts that have kept their static electric charge
4. TRANSFER - copy paper is charged up to attract toner powder off drum
5. FUSE - hot rollers fuse toner to paper

In present modern word we met with technology on every step. Just look around yourself and you see how many thing use technologies. These technologies make our life more easy then everyone can think.
But this, have some disadvantages and it is the ageing. For example look on electronic, today you buy the best computer and after half of year it is not the best computer but average computer or worse. Same problem have cars, you buy new car and just you start drive its cost is 20% less then you paid. This is the dark side of present technologies.
Office machines
I think, all of you work with common machines in the office. Photocopier, computer, printer, but sometimes there can be another type of these machines and there can be some differences, but the principle is same.
Normal common user just need know how to put it on and off and some basic steps how to work with. For example computer, you press this bottom, after it start work, you double click on this icon what starts program which you need for you work etc.

First of all check if there is a paper and cartridge in photocopier, if yes, next step, put up the deck of photocopier and put the document facedown. Well now you can choose on display tray, how many copies you want, type of format, if you want one side copy or two one side documents copy to one paper from both sides, adapt copy for format which you choose, if the original have different size. When you copy more sides document more than once choose option complete, so photocopier separate complete document and then start print next but the paper will be turn for 90° (degree). After you set photocopier you just press bottom COPY or START and wait for your copies.


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