22. Applying for a Job

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22. Applying for a job

Welcome to our presentation about applying for a job. There are two types of job:
• Manual - it´s physical work for example crafts ( řemesla ) as a joiner( truhlář ), cook, bricklayer and so on. These people make concrete products.
• Psychical - it is work where you don´t use your hands but your head, for example work in offices, controlling of people. Results ( výsledky ) of their work are abstract.

In the past women took a care about children and men earned a money. Today is very often that women earn much more money than men and make them a living. (živí je)
Somebody who is applying for a job finds different values. There are some of them:
Job satisfaction, earning plenty money, having pleasant colleagues, earning enough money, security, short working hours

And now we would like to tell you new, interesting way of employ the people which originate in Richard Branson´s head. He is one of the richest people of the world. His plane is that people are working for three months and the other three months they take off. During their days off there are other people.
And now we would like to tell you what you should do when you find and apply for a job.
There are many places where you can find the job:
Newspapers, internet, notice board, employment agency.

If you apply for a job, you should write a cover letter which contains curriculum vitae.
Cover letter has the same layout as a normal letter.

Address of Receiver
Address of Sender
Body of the letter - This part of a letter should contain your reasons to apply for a
job. What is your motivation to do it. You can write there your
strengths (silné stránky) or your potential benefits (přínosy) to
firm where you are applying for. Also your experience in other
firm etc.

Enc. The last one is an enclosure, in this case it is Curriculum Vitae (karikjulm)

Curriculum vitae consist of six parts - personal data, education, practice, language knowledge, computer knowledge and the other knowledge.

Personal data include
• name and surname, the date of birthday, the address, telephone number, e-mail address and family status ( single or married )
• first place is higher reached education, you have to write the start and the finish of study
• the summary of work experience have to be written chronologically, don´t forget to write position of your work, the name of company, location and time period
Language knowledge
• summary of languages which you know active or passive
Computer knowledge
• for example Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access
Other knowledge
• You should mention driving licence, hobbies…

That´s all. Thank you for your attention.


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