23. Job Interviews

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23. Job Interviews


1. Introduction
2. Various types of job
3. When we want a new job

1. Introduction

When we finish our studies or leave a job, it is time to start looking for a new job. We should look for a new job in newspaper and internet or somebody can tell us about free position in their firm. Here are some internet addresses: www.jobs.cz, www.prace.cz. When we found a new suitable one, we are usually met to job interview. But first, what should you can do is write Application Letter and Curriculum Vitae (Resume). You must send them to the company or companies which you choose. The second thing, what you can do is make a short phone call to a company. You should ask them when the interview starts. These interviews may be various from company to company. Some companies use two or three stages of interview and they gradually select potential employee.
The general advice is to make a good impression when you are in the new company. And that's why we write some tips for you:

Arrive above five to ten minutes early.
Wear your smartest clothes.
Be pleasant at everybody you meet.
If you're a smoker, don't smoke in an office you share with someone.

You should ask your colleagues or employer about certain things, for example:

What are the working hours?
How are the relationships between boss and employees?
What about my salary and holiday?

Come back to interviews. Good thing is to find out information about the potential company, in internet for example. If interviewer sees you are interested in this company your chances will raise. The potential employer sees all of these aspects and expects you to behave the same in his / her company.

2. Various types of job

We have got various types of job and we should choice of them. Some people should prefer job satisfaction before earning plenty of money. On the other hand some people should prefer earning plenty of money before their free time. When people wasted most time in the office, they could be in stress and than they could be rude or aggressive on their colleagues. We can have various types of job. We can be: accountant (účetní), manager, economist, driver, seller (shop assistant), engineer, machining (obraběč), controller of quality, bricklayer (zedník), electrician (elektrikář).
What is the most important (důležité) in any jobs?

- Job satisfaction (uspokojení),
- earning plenty of (enough) money,
- meeting a new people,
- having pleasant colleagues,
- Security.

3. When we want a new job

When we want a new job we should: write Curriculum Vitae and Application Letter.


We should write curriculum vitae. CV should be logical, well-arranged (přehledný), separate and brief, without mistakes. There are a lot of ways how to write CV. It depends particularly (zejména) on the purpose (účel). There are 3 types of CV: chronological (stukturovaný), functional, combination.

The CV should include:

First part of CV is personal informations - like first name, surname, title, date of birth, place of birth, names of parents. Also address, telephone and nationality.
Then education and qualifications work experience and languages, what we have done in our life or work follow.
Next parts of CV are other skills- condition of health or driving license, travel experience, voluntary work (brigády), interests and references (doporučení).
Finally: date and signature.

There are some important advices for writing curriculum vitae:

☼ using verb phrases, not whole sentences
☼ always include your duties (kariéra)
☼ using quality paper
☼ avoid mistakes

Imagine that you want to apply for the job. You should follow these guidelines:

Introduce yourself: name, age, nationality, etc.
State when you are available.
Describe your relevant (odpovídající) experience - or justify (vysvětlete) your lack (nedostatek) of experience.
Describe your skills (dovednosti) in your own language, English and other languages.
Describe how you meet the requirements (požadavky) of the job.
Say when you're available for interview.


We should send the Application letter. An application letter or cover letter or motivation letter is a letter of introduction (předmluva) attached to (napojený na) another document such as a résumé or curriculum vitae. A cover letter is an accompanying letter (průvodní dopis) that introduces you and your resume to a potential employer. You can send a cover letter with every resume you submit (podat). A cover letter should not be longer than one page in length and contain 2 to 3 short paragraphs. The application letter should be short but clear. It's a letter when we apply for (žádat) a new job. We enclose curriculum vitae which explain more details about us. Cover letters are divided into a header (záhlaví), introduction, body, and closing.

Header: CV use standard business letter style, with the sender's address and other information and date. The final part of the header is a salutation (e. g. Dear Mr. Brown).

Introduction: the introduction briefly states the specific position desired, and is designed to (navržený k tomu) catch the employer's immediate interest.

Body: explains why the job seeker is interested in the job and would be of value (hodnotný) for the employer. Also usually include skills, qualifications and experience. There are many special things to note such as availability date, they may be included as well (rovněž).

Closing: a closing sums up the letter. After the closing is a "Sincerely", and then a signature line. Optionally, the abbreviation (zkratka) "ENCL" may be used to indicate that there are enclosures.


Everyone should be preparing for the interview because after writing good curriculum vitae it's the most important point for getting a job. It's the personal meeting between two or more people (usually face to face) and the manager can see our reaction. Job interviewer is a person who is a professional. So if we are the applicant, we must be prepare for an interview. You should find out information about the company. Prepare some questions to ask about the company and what the job entails (obnáší). Think over (promyslete si) the bad questions from interviewer. For example if he or she answers you: we have a lot of applicants for this job, why should we appoint you? What is more important for you: status (postavení) or money? Why do you want to leave you present job? How would you rate your present boss?

What we should do:

☼ come bank on time
☼ do dress smartly
☼ do make eye contact with the interviewer
☼ do show a sense of humor (but not so much)
☼ sit up straight

What we should not do:

☼ don't arrive late
☼ don't chew a gum
☼ don't play with things
☼ don't interrupt people

Advice for interviewers:

1. Make sure you are not interrupted or phoned during the interview.
2. Read the candidate's CV and application letter before the interview begins.
3. Ask the candidate to explain why he or she keeps changing jobs.
4. Make sure you have a clear picture of the nature of the job.
5. Ask each candidate the same questions.
6. Decide on a maximum of four key qualities required for the job. (Qualifications, Confidence (důvěryhodnost), Reliability (spolehlivost), Personality, Work experience, overall impression (celkový dojem)
7. Make sure the candidate has an uncomfortable, low chair.
8. Only trust a candidate who looks you straight in the eye.
9. Trust (spoléhat) your first impressions.
10. Never let the candidate feel relaxed.
11. Avoid talking too much yourself.
12. Avoid asking questions that can be answered with Yes or No.
13. Find out the candidate's opinions on a variety of topics.
14. Interview groups of candidates, rather than one-by-one.
15. Tell the candidate when he/shy may expect to hear your decision (rozhodnutí).

Interview= rozhovor, přijímací pohovor
Looking for a new job= hledat si práci
Application Letter, Cover Letter= motivační dopis
Curriculum Vitae, Resume= životopis


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