24. The Sales Process

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The sales process
1) The opening stage
You have to talk to your client in person. Identify yourself and arrange an appointment.
(Usually phone call)

2) The building stage
Prepare and rehearse with a friend or relation.
Dress suitably for the occasion.
Behave friendly (business manner).
Don't spend too long on social conversation.
Show that you are a responsibility.
Tell the client about the benefits.
Encourage your client to talking.

3) the closing stage
Recognizing exactly when your client is ready to place the order.
This depends on timing.
Finally, thank your client for the order and leave.

Sales process
If you want to be good (successful) sales person (and negotiator) you should:
1. know your product and its main features (rysy, vzhled)
2. know the strengths and weaknesses of competing products
3. find out who makes the buying decisions in your client´s firm
4. plan each sales interview before it takes place
5. match what you are selling to each client´s wants and needs
6. listen to what your client tells you
7. Remember, that each client is an individual, not number.

Sales person
If you are selling product to somebody, you should have information and inform your client as well:
- the recommended retail price of the product
- how quickly the goods could be shipped
- what kinds of customers the product would appeal to
- why your might find the product attractive
- how each item is packed
- if the product is supplied complete and ready to use
- where the product is manufactured

Selling your product
For good selling you should ensure:
- Advertising
- After-sales service
- Film for the product
- Guarantee period pricing


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