8. Working Together

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8. Working together

Firms want to give a good impression. There is often some representative or a secretary who welcomes the visitors. They introduce a firm to visitors, which includes something about firm's history and firm´s departments with brief characteristic of each other.

Every company has its own company structure. It depends on number of employees and size of company. There is a top person (director) who is head of all company. Under this part of company there is a group of managers. Productivity and profit depend on them. They decide what kind of product will be manufactured and if it is available.
There are many departments such as:

Administration department
- provides office services such as typing and photocopying, is there mail room for all incoming and outgoing correspondence

Accounts department
- pays wages and salaries, keeps a record of all payments which were made and received .

Marketing department
- advertises and markets products

Purchasing department
- buys goods for the company

Sales department
- sells the products

Personnel department
- is responsible for selection employees, organizing training courses

- makes goods in the factory, organizes quality control. Visitors can see how a product is done which technologies are used.

In the companies there are many offices and the office equipment is very important
Well equipped office is very important because the employees spend there the most of their working hours. It's necessary that they can feel there comfortably and satisfied. Then they work more hard and the results of their work are better.
A very good impression also gives flowers and some pictures.

There are some basic equipment which should be in the office:

The most important thing in the office is the table and the chair.
The table should be situated near the window because of the light.
The chair must be comfortable because we sit on it most of the time.
chair - comfortable, healthy, rolling wheels, moveable, adjustable

Then there also can be diary and calendar. Calendar and diary are very necessary for making notes.
Other equipment in the office is wardrobe for our clothes and hand back.

On the floor should be carpet and on the window should be blinks.
Other equipment in the office is waste basket.
There is some technical equipment which should be in the office:
Nowadays we make our work on PC. We make our work easier and faster. Thanks the PC we can send messages and emails to our business partners or to our colloquies and ask for some advice.
In the office we should have some peripheries to the PC - keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, screen, loudspeaker, floppy and disc mechanic, hard disk, graphic card, modem for internet, printer.
Typewriting is good for writing address on the envelope.
The telephone is important if we need to talk to someone personally and we want to make sure of something. It saves our time.
If we don't want to send letters we can use the fax.
Other equipment: Scanner, Calculator, Copier, Laptop, Air conditioner, Coffee machine, Microwave oven.
The firms shouldn't save money on equipment. Their investments will certainly return with a great profit.


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